20 Sounds On The Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline Synthesizer


This video, via Richard DeHove, explores the sonic range of the Erica Synths DB-01 bassline synthesizer.

The video explores the sonic range of the Erica Synths DB-01, using 1 pattern with 20 different bass sounds.

Here’s what DeHove has to say about the video:

On a recent video one comment said “Cool machine, but it only has one sound”. The truth or otherwise of that here is in the ear of the beholder.

With the very distinctive Polivoks filter and a single oscillator maybe every sound does sound a bit the same? And this is a bass synth after all. But to my ears there is a lot of difference. At the very least, the different settings emphasize different parts of the pattern, in this case the pitchmod drum-like thumps and the noisy highs.


0:00 One – Square
0:47 Two – Shakey
1:02 Three – Ramp
1:52 Four – Skinny
2:03 Five – Drive
2:23 Six – Harsh
2:43 Seven – Squelch
2:56 Eight – Poke
3:26 Nine – Noise
3:38 Ten – Dirt
3:56 Eleven – Discord
4:10 Twelve – Noise
5:00 Thirteen – Filth
5:38 Fourteen – S&H
6:13 Fifteen – Bandpass
7:10 Sixteen – Vocal
8:13 Seventeen – Zap
8:26 Eighteen – Unison
8:40 Ninteen – Smooth
8:50 Twenty – Grit
9:07 Twenty-one – Hollow


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