A Complete Guide To The Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer


This video series, via Braintree56, takes an in-depth look at the Moog Mother-32 – the synthesizer that established the format for all-in-one Eurorack semi-modular designs.

This series offers a comprehensive tutorial on the Moog Mother-32 – from basic signal flow, to global parameters, to advanced patching.

Introduced At Knobcon 2015, the Mother-32 was Moog’s first step into the Eurorack world, and quickly proved to be a huge hit, because it packs a wide range of features into a relatively affordable unit. For many, it was a great way to get started with modular synthesis. For others, it was a great-sounding synth voice that integrates into larger Eurorack systems.

Since then, Moog has released two additional Eurorack synths, DFAM and Subharmonicon, along with limited-edition Moogfest-only devices in the same format. Other manufacturers have followed suit, releasing all-in-one designs in the same format, and Behringer has released the Crave, a M-32 knockoff in desktop-only format.


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