AJH Synth Intros Tap Temp VC-LFO Eurorack Module


AJH Synth has introduced the TAP TEMPO VC-LFO, a skiff-friendly, 12hp Eurorack low frequency oscillator.

The company calls it “a modulation powerhouse”, because it features 16 waveforms, 15 with ‘wave form twist’ PWM-like control, random sample & hold type waves, and CV control over all functions.

It can serve as a clock source, or can be clocked by external pulse/gate signals, with a clock multiply/divide function, along with a built-in VCA, controlling both bipolar (LFO type) and unipolar (envelope-type) outputs. It’s designed for everything from simple expression-controlled pitch vibrato, to clocking or being clocked by sequencers for time-synced modulation, and generative patches, where randomness and/or time control is needed to be shared between different modules.

Pricing and Availability

See the AJH Synth site for additional details.



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