ALM Intros Pamela’s Pro Workout, Adding A Bigger Display, More CV Control & New Modulatio Options


ALM Busy Circuits has introduced an updated version of Pamela’s Workout, their multi-function clock module for Eurorack modular systems.

Originally released in 2012, and updated to ’Pamela’s NEW Workout’ in 2016, the next evolution of Pam, the ‘PRO Workout edition’ adds a variety of new features, including:

  • A Bigger Hi-Res Full Colour Display: Clearer user interface, visual grids, bigger text, color options and more.
  • New Wave shapes: Ratchets, Trapezoid, Parabola & 2 new envelope options.
  • Cross Output Modulations: Link 2 outputs together to create a unique mix of control voltage for resetting, logic functions & creating unique waveforms.
  • Flex Operations: Utilise ‘micro grid timings’ to create bouncing ball type beat loops, sped up / slowed down outputs or just general chaos.
  • More CV Inputs: Up to 4 inputs now available for CV control over Pam’s functionality.
  • Faster dual core processing: with increased timing and output resolution


  • BPM-based clock with tempo rates 10-300BPM.
  • 8 Clocked voltage outputs each with independent adjustable;
  • Clock divisors and multipliers from /512 to x48 including various noninteger factors.
  • Gated, Triangle, Sine, Envelope & random base waveforms.
  • Waveform level and pulse width/skewing.
  • Phase, Delay and delay division (for complex swing)
  • Euclidean and random step skipping with beat based looping for rhythm creation
  • All output parameters are assignable to x2 CV inputs with individual software offset, attenuation, and monitoring.
  • Per output and group saving and loading to 200 banks. Voltage and direct control of clock stop/start, reset, and rate. Sync to an external clock input at 48 to 1 PPQN.
  • Real-Time intuitive user interface with high resolution LED display. Provides dedicated DIN Sync and MIDI clock output via optional expander(s).
  • Easy firmware upgrades via USB port.
  • Unlikely to actually improve aerobic fitness.

Pricing and Availability:

Pamela’s Pro Workout is available now for $339 USD.


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