An Introduction To Modular Synthesis Using VCV Rack, A Free Modular Synthesizer


In this video video, Jimmy Cuadra (Perceptes) offers an introduction to modular synthesis, using the free software modular synthesizer VCV Rack.

The video covers the basics of synthesis, modular synthesis, and a software program, VCV Rack, that lets you explore modular synthesis for free on your computer.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:54 What is synthesis?
03:46 What is modular synthesis?
05:54 What is Eurorack?
06:26 What is VCV Rack?
09:08 VCV Rack’s interface
11:12 Types of modules
14:07 Subtractive synthesis
15:37 Harmonics and timbre
16:54 Oscillators (VCOs)
27:27 Amplifiers (VCAs)
29:40 Envelopes
31:43 Gates, triggers, and CV
37:36 Clocks
39:28 Amplifier envelopes
44:59 Filters (VCFs)
50:39 Filter envelopes
54:47 Low frequency oscillators (LFOs)
01:02:21 Sample & hold
01:07:57 Volt per octave
01:10:13 Clock multiplication and division
01:13:07 Quantization
01:17:45 Attenuation
01:21:53 Sequencers
01:27:23 Mixing
01:29:00 Probability
01:31:47 Effects
01:38:33 Conclusion


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