Analog Cases’ XTS Stands Now Available


Audio accessories maker Analog Cases has announced the availability of its XTS Stands in two sizes.

XTS Stands are extendable, designed to be resized to accommodate a wide range of music production gear, ranging from smaller-sized effect pedals all the way up to larger Eurorack modular synth system cases.

They’re made with 100% solid sheet metal construction, so that up to 25 lbs/11.3 kg can be supported. Two XTS Stands sizes are available, to meet specific studio requirements. The small-sized XTS Stands are adjustable to any length between 6.6” and 10.4”, while large-sized XTS Stands are adjustable to any length between 10.5” and 18.25″.

In the case of large-sized XTS Stands, multiple pieces of gear can be held side by side by adding a separately-sold XTS Flex Tray, also available in two sizes — 13.3”/33.8 cm (capable of holding two or three small pedals or synths) and 17.7”/44.9 cm (comfortably accommodating a Digitakt alongside Elektron’s Digitone digital synthesizer, two SP-404 MKIIs, two medium-sized pedals such as Strymon’s BigSky multi-algorithm reverb or TimeLine multi-algorithm delay and looper, or up to five smaller-sized pedals).

Pricing and Availability:

Small- and large-sized XTS Stands are available now, priced respectively for $42.00 USD and $49.00 USD, while the 13.3”/33.8 cm Flex Tray and 17.7”/44.9 cm Flex Tray (for large-sized XTS Stands) respectively retail for $29.00 USD and $34.00 USD.


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