Arturia Astrolab In-Depth Review


Arturia today introduced AstroLab, a new stage keyboard that brings the company’s massive line of virtual instruments to standalone hardware.

The Arturia AstroLab features 10 sound engines, 34 instruments and over 1300 presets, letting you cover a huge range of sounds using a single instrument.

If you want to know more about the AstroLab, here’s a couple of in-depth reviews.

The first video, embedded above, is a Sonic Lab review from host Nick Batt. Batt likes the AstroLab, calling it ‘a lovely piece of hardware’ and praising the keyboard, but also noting that he’d like to see deeper patch editing be possible directly on the instrument.

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz offers an overview and in-depth review of the Arturia AstroLab.

Eliraz says that the AstroLab offers the largest timbral range possible in a standalone keyboard instrument, adding that “nothing comes close” to its range. Like Batt, Eliraz highlights the lack of deep editing control on the keyboard itself as the instrument’s biggest downside.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:15 Overview
7:05 Keybed
8:00 Build
8:45 Encoder
10:00 Browsing
10:45 I/O
11:45 Phone app
13:05 Macros
14:40 Effects
15:40 Insert FX
16:40 Send FX
18:20 Master EQ
18:50 Arp
19:35 Chords
20:00 Scales
20:20 Looper
21:25 Split, layer
22:30 Analog lab
24:55 Get sneaky
25:55 User macro
26:40 V Collection X?
27:35 SFZ?
27:55 Pros, cons
30:55 Outro

What do you think of the new Arturia AstroLab keyboard? Check out the videos, and then share your thoughts in the comments!


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