ASM Hydrasynth Explorer Now $499 (Was $599)


The price on the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Explorer has dropped to $499, the cheapest we’ve seen for this synthesizer.

The Hydrasynth Explorer packs the sound engine of the original Hydrasynth into a portable mini-key synth. It features the same powerful sound design options and even polyphonic aftertouch, but in a much more compact, battery-powerable package.

The synth is an eight-voice polyphonic design, with an extremely deep voice architecture that combines wave-morphing oscillators, two filters per voice, extensive modulation options and flexible effects.

With the sale pricing, the Hydrasynth Explorer is arguably the most powerful mini-key synth ever, and is one of the most affordable options for trying out polyphonic aftertouch.


  • Eight-voice polyphonic wave-morphing synthesizer
  • 37 mid-sized keys with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Battery-powered option
  • Two OLED displays for waveform visualization and patch editing/performance display
  • Four endless encoders for individual or macro controls
  • Complex arpeggiator with extensive control options
  • Extensive modulation matrix with up to 32 paths
  • Three oscillators per voice with 219 selectable waveforms
  • Oscillators 1 and 2 offer Wave Scanning between user-definable wave lists
  • Four mutators per voice, allowing FM, several flavors of PWM, Harmonic scanning, Sync, and more
  • Open-ended ring modulator and noise section
  • Two filters per voice, with parallel or series configurations
  • Filter 1 offers tons of distinct types, including LPG and Formant filters
  • Filter 2: classic state-variable 12dB/octave morphing filter
  • Five looping DAHDSR envelopes with option for relating segment duration to current BPM
  • Five complex LFOs
  • Integrated delay, reverb, and various modulation effects
  • CV & Gate outs for easy integration into modular synth workflows
  • Global & per module randomization and initialization always accessible straight on the front panel, with several intelligent randomization features
  • Easy access to each module’s internal parameters via dedicated Module Select buttons

Pricing and Availability:

The Hydrasynth Explorer is available with sale pricing for $499 (normally $599) via Amazon, Perfect Circuit, Sweetwater and other retailers. Details on the Hydrasynth Explorer are available at the ASM site.

If you’ve used the Hydrasynth Explorer, share your thoughts on it in the comments!


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