AudioCipher Turns Words Into MIDI Melodies & Chord Progressions


Developers of AudioCipher – a plugin that lets you transform words into MIDI melodies – have released version 3.0, adding a chord generator and more.

AudioCipher is a MIDI generator that turns words or phrases into MIDI output. Each word is translated, letter by letter, into a MIDI sequence. Parameters like key signature, chord types, and rhythm settings dictate the phrasing of those notes. And chord and rhythm randomization let you create variations.

AudioCipher Version 3.0 was released in December 2022 and includes new features like a chord generator, more scales, and triplet subdivisions for the rhythm controls. The size of the user interface has been reduced as well, to take up less space in the DAW.

Pricing and Availability

AudioCipher is available now for $29.99.


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