Audiotonix Announce “STEAM-Powered” DIY DJ Mixer Kit


Audiotonix has announced the STEAM powered DJ mixer kit, as part of a new educational initiative.

Designed to engage the next generation of engineers, the self-assembly mixer provides students with new engineering and technology skills and provides schools and education groups with a practical project based on real world audio technology.

“The idea behind STEAM is simple,” states James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix. “Our brands, and many of our partners and customers too, are struggling to bring new talent into our industry. If we want continued success then it’s our collective responsibility to help develop the next generation of engineers, starting whilst they are at school. To build more interest in engineering and help develop these core STEM skills, we have created a kit-based, USB powered, 2-channel DJ audio mixer that students can build and assemble themselves or as a team”.

The STEAM mixer itself is comprised of three printed circuit boards (PCB’s), with individual through-hole components that need to be soldered in place. The mixer can be assembled with the supplied metalwork to make the finished, professional grade, DJ mixer.

As its USB 2.0 (USB B) powered, STEAM is safe to build and easy to use in any location and jurisdiction. With dedicated instructions and video content on how to build and use, students will gain an understanding of how the different technical elements work together to create a product they can use to develop their creative skills too.

Pricing and Availability:

STEAM DJ mixer kits are available at £299.95 plus local tax.


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