Audulus 4.1 Introduces New DSP Node


Audulus LLC has released Audulus version 4.1, an update to the modular audio environment that adds a new DSP node that streamlines low-level audio programming.

“DSP node allows you to write your own low-level DSP code,” notes Audulus developer Taylor Holliday, “except it’s much easier than typical DSP programming because you don’t have to worry about crashes or how long many operations take.”

In addition to the DSP node, Audulus 4.1 also brings quality of life improvements to the code editor, such as improved handling of parentheses and more efficient tabbing through default arguments.

The Audulus-DSP repository, a user-driven project, can be accessed on Github. Users of all experience level are encouraged to star and contribute to the initiative.

Pricing and Availability:

Audulus 4.1 is available now as a free download on the Mac and iPad App Stores. Patch editing is an in-app purchase upgrade for $29.99 USD.


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