Audulus LLC Releases Audulus 4, A Major Update To The Modular Audio Processing App For iOS & Mac


Developer Taylor Holliday let us know that, after over four years of development, Audulus LLC has released Audulus 4, a massive update to the modular synthesis app for iOS & MacOS.

Audulus 4 offers many new features, is free to try out and now lets you share patches that anyone can play.

“Audulus 4 represents a massive step forward for Audulus, which required a tremendous re-working of the code,” says Holliday. “The user interface is now more pro, while still being immediate and approachable.”

Audulus 4 now lets users build patches using Eurorack-style modules, and features a rebuilt module library to showcase the new features. And you can build your own modules, using the platforms large library of pre-built ‘nodes’.

“Audulus is unique in seamlessly combining Eurorack-style patching with lower level signal graphs.” said Audulus sound designer Jerry Smith. “You can build advanced modules in Audulus, without needing to know programming languages such as C++.”

Here’s what’s new in Audulus 4:

  • Full multitouch on iPadOS: Turn on performance mode and interact with multiple controls at once. Create multitouch performance surfaces.
  • Custom UI for math expressions.
  • Knob colors and icons.
  • New UI nodes like sliders and X-Y pads.
  • Modules can now be recursively exposed. Build front-panels out of other front panels.
  • Improved search experience in the module browser.
  • MIDI output via a MIDI Send node.
  • Pinch to zoom while dragging a connection or moving a module.
  • AUv3 versions on both iPadOS and macOS.
  • Canvas Node: Build custom user interfaces using the Lua programming language.
  • GLSL Shader node: Make advanced shadertoy-style graphics.

The video at top offers a preview of Audulus 4 on iOS. Here’s a preview of it running on MacOS:

The application is cross-platform and supports iCloud sync between devices. So you can start a patch on your Mac, edit on-the-go with your iPad or iPhone, and then use your patch across all your devices.

Pricing and Availability

Audulus 4 is available now as a free download on the Mac and iPad App Stores. Patch editing is enabled via an in-app purchase upgrade for $19.99 USD.


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