Behringer Announces JT-16 Polysynth, Their Take On The Classic Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer


Behringer today shared the first official look at their planned JT-16 synthesizer, a polyphonic analog instrument that’s based on the Roland Jupiter-8.

Details are to be announced, but based on what they’ve said, it appears that the Behringer JT-16 is deisgned to copy the look and sound of the original Jupiter-8, but double the polyphony, MIDI and other basic enhancements. The company says that it will have “exact same analog circuitry” as the original.

Pricing and Availability:

The photos are of the company’s first JT-16 prototype. Behringer says that “the synth is in its very early stages, and we are now focusing on debugging and implementing the necessary software.”

The Behringer JT-16 synthesizer is currently in development, so it will probably be a year or two before the instrument is officially released and pricing is announced.


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