Behringer BQ-10 Sequencer Prototype Leaks


Images of the upcoming Behringer BQ-10 sequencer – a Euro format copy of the vintage Korg SQ-10 step sequencer – are showing up on social media.

Behringer teased the BQ-10 back in 2020.

The company hasn’t made an official announcement for the new step sequencer yet, but, in 2020, they previewed the PCB for the BQ-10, right.

The Behringer BQ-10 appears to be a close copy of the Korg SQ-10 step sequencer, but shrunk down to fit into Eurorack format, and with some compromises to make it cheap to manufacture.

Behringer has reduced the sequencer’s stages, from the original’s 3 rows of 12 stages to 3 rows of 8 stages. The company made a similar compromise on its ARP 1027 sequencer knockoff, reducing the stages from 10 to 8.

Other than that, the SQ-10 has controls that are very similar to the original, and the sequencer looks like it is designed to pair nicely with the company’s K-2 synth, which is based on Korg’s MS-20.

Official details on the Behringer SQ-10 are to be announced.

via Donald Baynes (FSK1138), MatrixSynth


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