Behringer Intros 72 HP Eurorack Spring Reverb Effect


Behringer today introduced the Spring Reverberation 636, an unofficial copy of the Grampian 636 spring reverb, in Eurorack format.

The original was used in genres from rock to spaghetti western soundtracks to dub. Here’s what Behringer has to say about it:

“Emulating our heroes is one of the many things we can have fun with as musicians which is why we wanted the SPRING REVERBERATION 636 to be as faithful as possible to the original Grampian Type 636 used by Pete Townshend and legendary reggae dub master Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Now you can have their legendary secret ingredient added to your setup so you can create your very own masterpiece, or to just have fun with.”

Behringer appears to have translated the original design into Eurorack form factor fairly literally, resulting in a large hardware effect that takes up a lot of rack space – 72HP – while only offering three controls. The design also doesn’t add any modular CV control over the effect.

The 72 HP width may also strike some synthesists as awkward, since it’s wider than Behringer’s 70HP Euro synths, like the D, and narrower than the 80 HP width of the Neutron and Pro-1.

Unusually for the company’s products, the Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 is more expensive and takes up more rack space than some readily available options. Other solutions generally mount the spring reverb in the case, so the panel is only as big as needed for the controls. For example, the Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb Module offers more control in 8 HP, for about $50 less.

Because of these design decisions, the Spring Reverberation 636 may appeal more to people interested in an inexpensive copy of the Grampian 636 than to synthesists interested in a hardware reverb unit.

What do you think? Check out the video, and then share your thoughts on the Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 in the comments!

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer Spring Reverberation 636 is expected to be available within 1-2 months, priced at $199 USD.


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