Behringer Perfect Pitch PP1 Module Converts Guitar & Audio To MIDI, USB & CV


Behringer has announced the Perfect Pitch PP1, a new Eurorack module that converts microphone, guitar, or line-level sources to MIDI, CV, and USB signals.

The module also features a line out so you can run external signals through your modular system.


  • 8HP size
  • Versatile I/O converts guitar, microphone, or line-level sources to MIDI, USB, or CV
  • Signal conversion allows for use with synthesizers, plug-ins, and other DAW control by near-instantly tracking pitch from mono sources
  • Pitch, gate, and trigger values are extracted for use with CV-compatible gear
  • Hi-Z and Low Cut functions allow you to match your incoming instrument signals
  • 50dB of gain available to keep things consistent without compromising output possibilities
  • USB MIDI allows for deep DAW integration from any instrumental source

Pricing and Availability:

The Perfect Pitch PP1 is available to pre-order for $99.


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