Behringer PRO-800 Polysynth Module Coming In April 2023 For $599 (Sneak Preview)


Behringer today officially introduced the Behringer PRO-800, an 8-voice polysynth module, based on the Sequential Prophet-600 synth engine.

The PRO-800 copies the 40 year-old synth design of the Prophet-600, but increases the polyphony from 6 to 8 voices and incorporates the GliGli firmware mods, which expand on the original’s synthesis options. The Behringer version also cuts manufacturing costs, compared to the original design, by eliminating the keyboard, shrinking the interface to fit the Eurorack format and using modern mass-production build techniques.

The updated design features a noise generator, full MIDI cc control, USB MIDI connectivity, dual polyphonic sequencer, dedicated LFO with 6 waveshapes and VCA overdrive.

Some may question Behringer’s decision to retain the worst aspects of the original’s interface, the membrane switch control and limited LED display. But, by retaining these elements, the Behringer PRO-800 copies the look of the original, which will increase the perceived value of the synth for some, compared to similarly priced synths that have much more powerful synth engines, like Behringer’s own Deepmind 6, the ASM Hydrasynth Explorer or the Korg Modwave.

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer PRO-800 synthesizer is expected to be available in April 2023, priced at $599 USD.


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