Behringer Says Their Copy Of The RSF Kobol, aka ‘The French Minimoog’, Is Now Scheduled For Production


Behringer today shared an update on their plans to manufacture a copy of the RSF Kobol, a dual oscillator monophonic synth from 1978 that’s been described as ‘the French Minimoog’.

RSF was a French synth maker, founded by Ruben and Serge Fernandez. The RSF Kobol offered some unique features for its day, including patch memory and a built-in step sequencer. It’s very rare, with less than 200 thought to have been made.

Behringer had previously announced plans for a Kobol knockoff, along with a Euro version of the Kobol Expander synthesizer module, calling them #hardvaporware, because they had no plans to move the designs into production at that time.

Here’s what they have to say about the Behringer Kobol:

“The Kobol synthesizer is a true legendary synthesizer, designed by the long extinct company RSF. It’s so addictive that you’ll never want to put it down. It has amazing morphing features, but also full patch memory.

The Kobol is now fully developed and scheduled for production. “

Pricing and Availability for the Behringer Kobol is to be announced.


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