Behringer VCS 3 Synthesizer Update


Behringer today shared an update on their upcoming Synthi VCS 3 copy, which was originally announced six years ago when the company announced plans to create a line of vintage synth knockoffs, including the Wasp, ARP 2600, Roland SH-101 and Korg MS-20.

In addition to these images, they gave this status update on the Behringer VCS 3:

“In our previous update, we shared our mechanical challenges with the pin matrix, which have now been resolved. We’re very pleased to report that it has passed a stringent 100,000 lifecycle test.

We’re now shipping units to our beta testers for final testing and comparison with the original synthesizer. Once passed, we will start manufacturing.

We know this synth has taken much longer than we thought, but we’re sure the wait is worth it.”

 The Behringer VCS 3 is designed to be an inexpensive, unofficial copy of the original EMS Synthi VCS3. The original is still in production, but with boutique prices and limited availability.

Like its other vintage synth copies, Behringer has added basic MIDI control, so you can play the synth using standard control keyboards.

Features (Preliminary):

  • Analog synthesizer with triple VCO design
  • Reproduction of original “VCS3” circuitry
  • Analog signal path with VCO, VCF and VCA
  • VCOs featuring multi-turn knobs for precise frequency control
  • Variable oscillator shapes with variable pulse widths
  • 24 dB low pass filter with resonance
  • 16 x 16 pin patch bay serves as signal routing matrix by inserting pins into holes
  • Ring modulator adds insane spice and edge to your sounds
  • Dedicated and fully analog triangle/square wave LFO
  • Noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • Two-axis joystick serves as performance controller
  • 42 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • External audio inputs for processing external sound sources
  • MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection
  • 3-Year Warranty Program

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.


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