Behringer Vintage Soft Synth Not An Official Copy Of Tone2 Saurus


Music software developer Tone2 has announced that the recently released and then pulled Behringer Vintage software synth, above, is not an official copy of Tone2 Saurus synthesizer, below:

Some synthesists had noted similarities between the two designs. Here’s what Tone2 had to say about the situation:

“The look of the recently released Behringer Vintage has caused confusion among our customers. Behringer Vintage is NOT a new version of Tone2 Saurus or related to it. Both products have a different synthesis architecture and sound different.

We are not involved in the development of Behringer Vintage.

We are not responsible for the graphics, the sound engine, or anything else related to it. Behringer has not licensed graphics or source codes from us. We do not collaborate with Behringer in any way.”

Behringer has pulled the new synth, which was available for a short time as a free download, with the company encouraging downloaders to support the Playing for Change Foundation.

Saurus is available via the Tone2 site.


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