Bitwig Remote Control App R-Kontrol Updated to v1.5, Here’s What’s New


Developer Marko Krueger has updated R-KONTROL, a dedicated iOS controller for Bitwig Studio.

Here’s what’s new in R-KONTROL v1.5:

  • Auto discovery (aka zeroconf, R-Kontrol automatically searches for Bitwig, making it easier to connect. If the network doesn’t allow it, you can still manually configure the IP connection conventionally.)
  • The ClipLauncher has been updated – the launcher itself is now, depending on the current state, either the
    Play/Stop/Record button, and additional actions like Quantize, Transpose, or setting the Clip Length have been added.
  • For better readability, the font color of the ClipLauncher (light/dark) now corresponds to the color of the ClipLauncher.
  • You can now display Remote Controls and Sends together with either the Mixer or the ClipLauncher on one screen (iPad only).
  • Several actions such as: Reset Peak Levels, show/hide (and select) the AB Crossfader, Restore Automation Control, show/hide inactive tracks have been added.
  • All groove-relevant actions are now also controllable via R-Kontrol.
  • Cue markers now fit better layout-wise into the mixer, and actions like jump-to-previous/next and deleting cue markers have been added.

Pricing and Availability:

R-KONTROL is available now for $7.99 USD.


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