BlaknBlu Intros Quad VCA, Quad VCF Eurorack Modules


UK-based Euro maker BlaknBlu has introduced two new Eurorack modules: Foxtrot, a quad VCF; and Alpha Pro, a quad VCA.

Foxtrot Quad Multimode VCF

Foxtrot is a quad Voltage Controlled Filter. Each of the four filter channels can be switched between three VA models – a Moog style ladder filter, a Sallen-and-Key filter like that used in the Korg MS-20, or a state variable filter as found in Oberheim synths.

Each filter can be continuously varied between band-pass, low-pass and high-pass, using a front panel control or CV. Additionally, it’s possible to link any or all of the filters together – great for ‘resonator’ style multiple band-pass filters, for instance.

Each filter has a two input sub-mixer for the signal inputs and another for the cut-off CV, two outputs (which can be panned using the AUX CV input for stereo effects) and a Boost switch to overdrive the filters.

Alpha Pro Quad VCA/Mixer/Overdrive

Alpha Pro is a quad VCA. Each channel can operate independently, or can be assigned to one of two mix buses, turning Alpha Pro into a configurable mixer.

Similar to Foxtrot, the VCAs have a two input sub-mixer on each signal in, and on the gain CV.

The VCA outputs are stereo, with a dedicated pan control and CV input. Additionally, each VCA has two overdrive modes and an overdrive level control. The first mode is a softer, valve-like overdrive and the second gives a harsher, clipping style distortion.

Each VCA features linear or exponential response, and has a zero crossing circuit to reduce clicking on fast CV transients.

Pricing and Availability:

Foxtrot is available now with an RRP of GBP £399.00 inc VAT, and Alpha Pro with an RRP of GBP £399.00 inc VAT.


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