Bleass Sidekick Now Available For iOS, Mac & Windows


BLEASS Sidekick is a combination of a kick drum synth, a step sequencer, and a ducker that’s specifically designed to make sidechain compression effects – a core effect for electronic dance music – easy.

The kick drum synth uses an analog-style engine inspired by vintage beatboxes, so it can create a wide range of classic analog kick drum tones. This synth can be triggered by the built-in 16-step sequencer or by an external MIDI input; its sound can be mixed with the audio passing through the plugin, be used to trigger the plugin’s ducker stage, or both.

Used without the ducker, BLEASS Sidechain makes it easy to add your own kick parts to loops and other percussive parts.

Bringing in the ducker causes the input signal to reduce in volume whenever the kick synth is triggered. When used on a drum loop this lets you impose your own creativity on the underlying feel and beat of the loop, ducking-out the loop’s kick sound and pattern so that you can replace them with a sound and pattern that you have crafted.

You can also use the kick synth and sequencer purely as a trigger for the ducker. This lets you create dynamic rhythms within any part or track, whether individual instrument or an entire mix.

Pricing and Availability

BLEASS Sidekick is available for iOS for an intro price of $4.99 and available for $10 for desktop.


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