Bram Bos & Hainbach Intro Fluss Granular Synth For iOS


While you’re waiting for all the hundreds of hardware synths that have been introduced over the last couple of years to actually ship, it’s worth remembering that your iOS device can be an innovative platform for synthesis.

Developer Bram Bos and Berlin-based musician Hainbach have introduced Fluss, an iOS app that lets you explore granular synthesis in a tactile way. And they say that “There was never a better reason for using a touchscreen for music.”

Fluss features a three-voice grain engine, a filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander, tactile physics control, microtonal support and more.

Fluss lets you import your own WAVs (standalone & AUv3 Instrument plugin), Record audio (Record effect plugin) or live-process sound (Process effect plugin) to create anything from drones and granular echoes to microtonal audio textures.

All sliders and XY pads are linked to a physics model which lets you flick and throw them around. Minimize the friction for endless bouncing motion, as an innovative substitute for traditional LFOs and modulation.


  • 3 Voice grain engine, each with an independent playhead
  • Filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander, including its resonant Phase filter
  • Kinetic sliders and pads for playful interaction with the sound
  • Universal design (iPhone and iPad; iPad Air 2 or higher recommended)
  • Custom scales, unquantised mode and even Scala-import for microtonal experiments
  • Use WAVs, record audio or load the app as a live-processing audio effect
  • Real world tested in live performances by Hainbach

Pricing and Availability

Fluss is available now for $13.99 USD.


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