Constructs Of Time Intros Gradient Synthesizer For Kontakt Player


New software synth maker Constructs of Time has introduced Gradient, a polyphonic synthesizer for Kontakt Player that they say “captures the raw and organic sound of analogue.”

The sound of Gradient starts with a Eurorack modular system and a modified ARP Avatar that are deeply multi-sampled, to create tube-saturated sine waves, chorused saw waves, noisy pulse width modulation and powerful ring modulation. Gradient’s filters, modulation sources and effects further shape the sound.


  • Works with Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player
  • NKS compatible
  • 190+ production-ready presets
  • 2 oscillators (83 waves) & 1 noise generator (21 waves)
  • 3 panning modes (alternate, key tracking, random)
  • Lowpass and highpass filters
  • 4 shapers (overdrive, grit, crush, tape)
  • 2 envelopes & 2 syncable LFOs with multiple destinations
  • Delay & reverb

Pricing and Availability:

Gradient is available now for  €75 (excl. VAT)


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