Crumar Spirit Synthesizer, The ‘Italian Minimoog’, Getting Reissue


Synthesist Hainbach shared this sneak preview of an upcoming reissue of the Crumar Spirit, a rare analog synthesizer from 1983, designed by Bob MoogJim Scott and Tom Rhea.

It’s been described as ‘the Italian Minimoog’. But, while it may share some DNA with the Minimoog, it’s a very different design, with more flexible synthesis options – including a ring modulator and multi-mode with switchable slopes – and more capable performance options – including an arpeggiator and 3 performance wheels.

“My friends from Museo Del Synth Marchigiano, the Italian synthesizer museum, invited me again to visit them in Italy,” explains Hainbach. “This time, they had something new and old to show me: a faithful re-creation of the rare Bob Moog designed Crumar Spirit mono synthesizer. They teamed up with Crumar to bring this little known instrument back to life, staying as close to the original as possible.”

Full details on the Crumar Spirit reissue are still to be announced.


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