Do Synthesists Need A Buchla Music Easel In Euro Format?


The latest video from Cinematic Laboratory asks the question, “Do we need a Buchla Music Easel in Eurorack format?”

In the last few years, Tiptop Audio has released a complete series of Buchla modules, essentially reissuing the Buchla 200 Series in Eurorack format. The line has been a big hit, with each new addition tending to sell out for months. This has left synthesists wanting more.

Cinematic Laboratory’s video looks at the Buchla Music Easel’s capabiities, and shows how many of the Easel’s components are already available in the current 200T lineup. The biggest gap is probably wavefolding.

But many would argue that the Music Easel is a more than the some of its parts, offering a complete Buchla synth in a compact all-in-one solution.

The video suggests that a big part of the musicality of Music Easel performances is its capacitive touch keyboard.

Should Tiptop bring the Buchla 218 to Eurorack format? And what about the Music Easel? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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