Elta Music SOLAR 42 Ambient Machine Review


In his latest BoBeats video, host Bo Nurmi shares his thoughts on the Elta Music SOLAR 42 Ambient Machine.

The SOLAR 42 is an analog microtonal drone ambient machine, designed for making atmospheric sounds, background music, microtonal music, ‘super polyphonic electro symphonies’ and more.

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
02:09 Who is Solar 42 for?
05:10 New features! Solar 42 VS Solar 50
09:22 A fantastic “DUO synthesizer” but what is that?
11:50 Walkthrough of Solar 42
25:56 Teacher’s Notes
31:07 BONUS ambient jam composed by Bobeats & Burg

Check out the video and then share your thoughts on the SOLAR 42 in the comments!


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