Erica Synths Drum Stereo FX & DJ VCF Stereo


Erica Synth has introduced two new stereo modules in their Drum Series that they say are designed to “elevate your drums by adding a dynamic sound treatment”, the Stereo FX module and the Stereo DJ VCF.

The Stereo FX module brings hi-fi stereo effects into the Erica Synths Drum Series. Based on the company’s new DSP engine, the module provides a wide range of custom delay and reverb effects. It offers CV control over various parameters, and the ability to save up to 10 presets.


  • Hi-Fi stereo FX module
  • 3 delay and 3 reverb effects
  • Tap and clock synchronization of delay time
  • Delay time divisions and multiplications in sync mode
  • 10 preset patches
  • CV control over delay time, feedback, and preset selection
  • The FX is developed in collaboration with the Dutch company 112dB, which offers some of the best-sounding VST instruments.

The Erica Synths DJ VCF Stereo module provides functionality typically found on DJ decks – it is fully open when the cutoff knob is at 12:00. When turned counter-clockwise, lowpass filtering is applied and when turned clockwise, highpass filtering.


  • Fully analogue stereo DJ-style VCF
  • Manual cutoff and resonance control
  • Two cutoff CV inputs, one with an attenuverter

Pricing and availability:

The modules are available now with the following pricing:


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