Erik Satie’s ‘Les Fil Des Étoiles – Prelude no2 L’Initiation’, Performed With SWAM String Sections


Reader James Worthington (Ghost Money) shared his performance of Erik Satie‘s piano piece Les Fil Des Étoiles – Prelude no2 L’Initiation, arranged for Audio Modelings’ SWAM String Sections.

SWAM String Sections is a suite of four plug-ins, corresponding to the orchestra sections Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses, and based on Audio Modeling’s modeling technology.

Here’s what Worthington say about the performance:

“My Principle reason for doing this arrangement of the second prelude – L’Initiation, is that I wanted to hear how Satie’s very simple, plain and innovative music from this period would sound with an arrangement for strings. When one considers that it was composed by a 25-year-old Satie in 1891, it demonstrates his radical harmonic invention and distinct departure from the stylistic idioms of it’s time. Roland Manuel made full orchestral versions of the first and third preludes. There are no dynamic markings on the original score and in keeping with the feel of the score I have kept this aspect within bounds.

Also an opportunity to try out the new audio modeling (sic) SWAM string sections. In General, remarks about the qualities of these physically modeled strings is that they are very expressive, but not as sonically realistic as the high end sample libraries. What I like about them is that you can hear the movement and action of the bow on each note and phrase. On reflection, I also decided not to use any vibrato as this better reflects the calm, mystical nature of the music.”


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