Eventide Launches Split Essentials Series With DeBoom, Sheen Machine


Eventide Audio has launched its new Split Essentials plug-in series with two new processes: DeBoom and Sheen Machine.

With both Split Essentials plug-ins, incoming audio is analyzed then separated into transient (noise, pops, mic plosives, vocal sibilance, attacks) and tonal (sustained notes, harmonics, tone, ambiance) elements. Specially crafted EQ curves are applied to the tonal layer of the source audio.

  • DeBoom tames low-frequency muddiness without losing thump and removes resonance while keeping punch.
  • Sheen Machine adds tonal high end without boosting transients and makes dull signals shine by accentuating the “airy” quality of any signal without adding nasty sibilance or the harshness often generated by traditional high-shelf boosts.

The power of Eventide’s Structural Split technology is task-focused in the Split Essentials plug-ins, merging the power of SplitEQ into a single, powerful, one-knob gesture that lets engineers enhance low-frequency content with DeBoom without losing the energy of the incoming signal, or add vibrance and airiness without the harshness introduced by traditional equalization techniques using Sheen Machine. The Split Essentials user interface also includes undo/redo, input gain control and built-in bypass.

Pricing and Availability:

DeBoom and Sheen Machine are available now through the end of 2023 at a special introductory MSRP of $25 (USD) each. Crossgrades are available from SplitEQ/Physion Mk II/Anthology XII for $19 each. The standard MSRP will be $49 each.


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