evo64 Is The Ultimate Audiophile Upgrade For The Commodore 64


Is ‘audiophile’ 8-bit sound an oxymoron?

That’s one of the questions raised by a new upgrade for the classic Commodore 64 computer.

In his latest video, The 8-Bit Guy takes a look at evo64 – a modernized and upgraded circuit board that’s designed to let you get higher-quality audio and video.

Options range from stereo sound to a tube-based pre-amp.

The evo64 offers dual SIDs, for full stereo sound, the Triode64 audio pre-amp module (optional), the NuTube64 audio pre-amp module (based on the Korg NuTube 6P1) and ClearVideo64c for video clarity.

The upgrades are for hardcore enthusiasts, with prices ranging up to $1,000. See the evo64 site for details.

Is ‘audiophile’ 8-bit sound an oxymoron? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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