FAC Smash New Plugin Fx | Smash Your Beats Up ! Available as Pre-Order


Developer Fred Anton Corvest let us know that he’s released FAC Smash, a new AUv3 plug-in that’s designed to add “explosive energy’ to your beats and sounds.

FAC Smash is based around a series of “boosted upward” compressors, designed to include the specific nuances and colors of vintage analog devices. The plugin can operate on either one or three frequency bands and provides filter slopes ranging from a subtle and transparent 6dB to 192dB.

FAC Smash can push the sound to its extreme limits, creating a “sausage-like” signal. But is can also be used more subtly, and the ‘flatten’ feature can be used to restore dynamics, while preserving aggressive character, giving you the best of both worlds.

The built-in noise gate circuit at the input adds yet another layer of sonic sculpting possibilities. Whether acting on the entire signal or individual frequency bands, this circuit can transform your sound, expanding your creative possibilities.

FAC Smash also offers parallel compression, an optional master Brickwall limiter, and a waveform view of both the pre and post signal.


  • “Loud, Aggressive, and Powerful” Sound Shaping
  • Extreme compression, capturing vintage analog nuances and colors
  • Unique ‘flatten’ feature to preserve character while restoring dynamics
  • Fast sound refining with impact and sustain controls
  • Single or multi-band, with filter slopes ranging from 6dB to an impressive 192dB
  • Creative noise gate: smoothly blend from single to multi-band
  • Parallel compression and optional master Brickwall limiter
  • Intuitive workflow for effortless adjustments
  • Low latency, waveform display of the pre and post signal
  • Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
  • Universal Purchase: AUv3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone), macOS and Vision Pro

Pricing and Availability:

FAC Smash is available to pre-order for $6.99 USD (through May 16th, normally $9.99).


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