Fantastic Free Reverb, ValhallaSupermassive, Adds Two New Modes


Valhalla DSP has released an update to Valhalla Supermassive, a popular free reverb for Mac & Windows, adding two new modes.

The Scorpio mode is similar to the Gemini mode in many ways: fast attack, rapid build of echo density, more of a “conventional” reverb. The feedback path in Scorpio, though, is very different than Gemini, with lower DENSITY settings, and can sound like a complex ping-pong delay. The Low EQ and High EQ filters in Scorpio are included within the feedback paths, versus outside the feedback path like in the Gemini mode.

These are seemingly subtle changes, but they make a HUGE sonic difference. The complex feedback path in Scorpio creates a lot of stereo width, as well as a more “open” frequency response. By incorporating the High EQ filters into the feedback paths, the Scorpio mode can create far more realistic reverb sounds, where the high frequencies decay away over time. The Low EQ filters can be used to take out a little bit of the low frequencies for a less boomy reverb decay, or can shave off a lot of the low end for a reverb that gets thinner sounding as it decays away.

The Libra mode in ValhallaSupermassive has a somewhat slower attack than Scorpio, and can sound like a delay at 4X the displayed DELAY length when WARP and DENSITY are both at zero. Turn up the WARP control, and Libra quickly transforms into a very lush reverb, with balanced modulation. The DENSITY control will start to bring in shorter recirculating delays, and is very useful in smoothing out the reverb attack and decay. Every delay within the Libra mode is filtered by Low EQ and High EQ filters within the feedback paths.

The upshot of all of the above: the Libra mode is the best mode in ValhallaSupermassive for lush modulated reverbs with a natural decay. The Low EQ is useful for filtering as much low frequency content as you do or don’t need. The High EQ creates organic high frequency damping. The balanced modulation results in smooth sounding chorusing.

Here’s an example of Libra in action:

This track, by developer Sean Costello, features Libra mode for reverb, and ValhallaDelay is being used for tape echo and backwards pitch shifting. The Take 5 from Sequential is being used for the synth tracks.

Pricing and Availability

ValhallaSupermassive is a free plugin, available for both Windows and Intel/ARM Macs.


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