Field Recording With Sonic Artefacts Microphones & A Vintage Nagra 4-S


Wouter Jaspers (formerly of KOMA Elektronik) has launched a new venture, Sonic Artefacts, that offers a range of microphones and other electro-acoustic sound tools.

He let us know about this video, made in collaboration with synthesist Hainbach, that captures a recent field recording date, where the duo tested the Sonic Artefacts Cortiça Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone on location, with a vintage Nagra 4-S reel-to-reel field recorder.

“A few weeks ago, Hainbach and I went out to test the new microphones I made for my new little company Sonic Artefacts and use them to record the world around us,” explains Jaspers. “We ended up recording new works for our group #oddnarrative in a free and fun way. That combined with springtime in Berlin, what a pleasure!”

You can find out more about the Cortiça microphone at the Sonic Artefacts site.


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