Free AI-Assisted Studio Quality Noise Reduction Tool For Music


Tape It has introduced Tape It Denoiser, a fully automatic, studio quality noise reduction tool for audio.

Denoiser automatically removes background noise, such as hums and hisses, and can produce studio-quality results on voice, full songs, single instrument tracks, and field recordings.

Denoiser is the result of over two years of research on how to combine traditional signal processing with modern AI algorithms, to get the best of both worlds: the studio quality results from the former and the automation and ease of use of the latter.

Coinciding with the launch, the company has released an academic study with a comprehensive scientific listening test, which they say show that the software’s quality competes with industry-leading denoisers.

The developers say that they focused on three main areas:

  • Immediate results that would otherwise require expertise and complex software.
  • Accessibility by making it as simple as possible, with just one slider to set the strength of reduction.
  • Protecting the original sound by keeping instruments’ and vocals’ unique character, with no harsh processing.

Denoiser will be officially presented at the Audio Engineering Convention in New York from October 25th to 27th, and is available to use for free at the Tape It site.


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