Future Retro 777 Bassline Synth Returning In 2023


Boutique synth maker Future Retro – which as recently as June was on its deathbed – is back, with new management, a new website and a teaser for the return of one of the most respected bassline synths ever created, the 777.

The Future Retro 777 is a monophonic bassline synth,  inspired by the classic Roland TB-303. Unlike most 303 replicas, clones and knockoffs, though, the 777 is an original design that goes way beyond the original.

The 777 can handle the responsibilities of the 303, but offers vastly expanded synthesis options, including two oscillators, a noise generator, sub oscillator, expanded modulation options, distortion, 3 & 7 pole filters and more. The 777 also works as a sort of Rosetta Stone for electronic musicians, supporting MIDI In/Out, CV/Gate In/Out, MIDI to CV conversion and the ability to sequence via MIDI and CV/Gate.

Pricing and Availability

Details are still to be announced, but Future Retro is saying the 777 re-release is scheduled for late 2023.


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