Gamechanger Audio Plasma Voice Eurorack Module Now Available


Gamechanger Audio has introduced the Plasma Voice synthesizer module for Eurorck modular systems.

Plasma Voice is a monophonic Eurorack synthesizer module that takes Gamechanger Audio’s Plasma sound engine to the next level by turning the current transformer and tube driver circuit into an analog high-voltage oscillator.

Its core sound is produced by sending precisely controlled electrical discharges between two electrodes within a xenon-filled gas tube.

The electromagnetic energy emitted by the discharges is then transformed into audio signal through a specially designed inductor and audio rectifier circuit. The result is a diverse range of electrifying tones that they say “capture the character and intensity of a vibrant blue electrical arc.”

Pricing and Availability

The Plasma Voice is available now to pre-order for  € 412.


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