GPU Audio Modulation Bundle Now Available As A Beta Release, With Mac Support Coming In November


GPU Audio – a startup that’s working to let you used your computer’s graphic card as a powerful audio DSP processor – has announced a free beta version of its Modulation Bundle – featuring a Chorus, a Flanger and a Phaser – powered by your computer’s graphics card.

Graphic Processor Units, or GPUs, are specialized processors, originally intended to free your computer’s main process from doing the massive number-crunching required for high-resolution graphics processing. Powerful GPUs are popular for applications like image processing, 3D graphics and gaming – but are also now being leveraged for other applications, because they offer cheap, powerful computing power.

The Modulation Bundle is the first installment of a planned suite of plugins, designed to harness the parallel processing power of GPUs to delive ultra low latencies, vast scalability, and the promise of continuous machine learning.

The company also says that they’ve partnered with AMD and NVIDIA for Windows systems implementations and that they’re now working closely with Apple, with plans to deliver support for macOS in November. The Modulation bundle is initially compatible with NVIDIA GPUs, with AMD support and AAX formats coming soon.

The free beta release is available now.


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