Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave v1.5 Adds MPE Support & More


Groove Synthesis has release firmware v1.5 for the 3rd Wave synthesizer, a free update that adds MPE support and more.

Here’s what’s new in 3rd Wave OS version 1.5:

  • Support for MIDI MPE controllers – enable MPE from the GLOBAL menu and explore the new modulation sources at the end of the list. Pitch bend range can be set in the MISC menu
  • Option for free running analog oscillators in the MISC menu which is settable per patch – In the analog waveform mode, which you are using when you select the Axx waveforms like Saw and Square, now has the option to make the waveforms not reset when you start a new note. In this mode, the oscillators will continue to drift from each other as they do on some fully analog synthesizers.
  • New poly unison mode – set the polyphony count in the second page of the UNISON menu. It will split the voices up automatically to use max voices per note
  • New shortcut buttons to easily set output routing per part
  • New option in GLOBAL menu to send midi program change messages
  • Now saving UNISON chord mode settings with program
  • Now pitch wheel, mod wheel, pressure are independent per part when controlling in midi multitimbral mode + pitch wheel destination is settable per part
  • Slight adjustments to circuit drift envelope sustain variance – gets rid of jumps when going from decay to sustain in the envelope
  • New options for longer LFO sync times
  • Improvements to LED brightness settings
  • Added smoothing to pan position changes to avoid audible stepping
  • Misc bug fixes and performance improvements.

See the Groove Synthesis site for details.


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