Hainbach Spent 1700€ On The Teenage Engineering Choir Dolls, Then Discovered Their Secret Horrors


For the last two weeks, everybody’s been talking about the Teenage Engineering Choir dolls.

When they were introduced, reader reactions ranged from “there is a sucker born every minute” to ‘even if you are not interested in their products, or cannot afford them, you can appreciate the design and creativity involved.”

Whatever your perspective, it’s hard to argue with success. The Choir dolls sold out in less than 10 days.

The horror is in your hand!

Fortunately for readers, German synthesist Hainbach spent 1700€ to get a complete set, working that synthfluencer discount. He’s not debating whether or not they’re toys, he’s too busy discovering their secret horrors.

He shared this video, in which he discusses his thoughts on the Choir, including the things that he likes and some bugs that he ran into. The highlight, thought, is his exporation of the hidden horrors of the Choir.

Hainbach calls the Choir “a bold move from Teenage Engineering”. Check out the video and then share your thoughts on the Choir in the comments!


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