How Make Your Voice Sound Like A Dalek Using A Ring Modulator


In his latest video, synthesist Alex Ball demonstrates how to make your voice sound like a Dalek from Dr. Who, using a ring modulator effect.

Ball discusses the technique of using a sine wave, around 20-80 Hz, along with your voice and a ring modulator to recreate the classic effect. But he also notes that nailing the effect also depends on delivering the lines as a Dalek.

Now that you know technically how to make your voice sound like a Dalek, check out this video by Nicholas Briggs. He has been Dr. Who’s voice of the Daleks for the last couple of decades.

Briggs discusses how he creates the effect, using a Moog Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator, and then goes on to show how he approaches voice acting the Dalek part.


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