IK Multimedia ARC Studio Advanced Room Correction System Automatically Improves Your Studio Monitoring


IK Multimedia has introduced ARC Studio, a hardware acoustic room correction system that they say “instantly upgrades traditional studio monitors with breathtaking results”.

Rooms have a big impact on how music is heard. The size, shape, materials, and furniture all impact the way your studio monitors sound in your room. ARC Studio is designed to be an affordable way to address this, without the limitations of a software-only system.

ARC Studio includes a standalone hardware processor; new ARC 4 software (also available separately) for analyzing and correcting the listening environment with additional controls; and a precision MEMS measurement microphone.

ARC 4’s algorithm is designed to analyze and correct these issues in minutes. With the included mic connected to an audio interface, ARC 4 software guides the user through a rapid process of measuring acoustical responses within their listening position. IK’s award-winning ARC technology uses this 3D snapshot to identify and correct all the issues degrading a monitor’s performance.

ARC 4 stores the correction profile and loads it to the ARC Studio processor, which sits between the interface and monitors. The standalone processor corrects studio monitors in any studio, including hardware- and console-based setups.

  • For pro studios, whether DAW-based or console-based, ARC Studio with ARC 4 offers sonically transparent correction and custom-tuning for any monitoring setup from nearfields to mains, while preserving the inherent system’s sonic quality.
  • For DAW-based studios, ARC Studio eliminates the need to insert the ARC 4 plug-in on the master bus of a project and preserves zero-latency monitoring setups. It also lets you listen other sources, like streaming music, with acoustically corrected monitoring.

Profiles can be created and stored for every configuration, listening position or even monitor pair and quickly recalled or loaded to the processor unit at any time.

ARC Studio features a 120 dB(A) analog input to analog output dynamic range, 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response, and ultra-stable clocking, which they say offers total sonic transparency and accuracy only found in mastering-grade audio converters.

The processor unit connects to the studio and monitors via balanced XLRs with a power-safe relay-based hard bypass — so when bypassed everything is protected from sudden power-related pops.

Includes Monitor Emulations

ARC Studio can also be reloaded with new settings using ARC 4 software. ARC 4 features a monitor emulation function that lets your system emulate iconic studio monitors, plus popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, accurately reproducing the frequency and phase response of the originals.

With over 20 profiles included in ARC 4, a single pair of monitors lets you test a mix on different reference systems quickly, without ever having to head to the car or buy additional pairs of monitors.

System Customization

ARC 4 now comes with 9 factory-tailored target curves suitable for most situations. The default curve offers optimally balanced results with Flat and other specific curves for different needs or setups. By default, ARC corrects the entire frequency spectrum, but users can define limits to both upper and lower correction ranges separately. This is useful to preserve monitors’ unique voicing or correct a certain frequency range.

There’s also a control to adjust the resolution of the correction filter to use more or fewer frequency bands. Depending on the room’s unique sound, this can achieve a more surgical correction, or a broader, smoother balance.

Selectable Natural and Linear phase modes ensure precise stereo imaging. Natural mode improves the phase response, while linear phase maintains the original inter-channel phase response, which may be preferable in certain rooms and conditions.

Pricing and Availability

ARC Studio and ARC 4 software available now, with the following pricing:

  • ARC Studio $/€299.99* – Includes processor unit, ARC 4 software, and measurement mic.
  • ARC Studio Upgrade $/€249.99 – For registered users of ARC (any version with mic), iLoud MTM, or iLoud Precision. Includes processor unit + ARC 4 software. Measurement mic not included.
  • ARC 4 Software and Mic $/€199.99 – Advanced room correction plug-in, and measurement mic.
  • ARC 4 Software Only $/€149.99 – Advanced room correction plug-in. Measurement mic not included.

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