Inside Brad Pitt’s Space Age Style Miraval Studios


Off topic, but cool: Billboard shared this short video tour of Brad Pitt’s space age style Miraval Studios.

Miraval Studios is a recording studio located in the Château de Miraval, a 900 hectares estate in Provence, France. Originally founded in 1977 by pianist and composer Jacques Loussier and sound engineer Patrice Quef, it’s been the home of major recordings by Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Judas Priest, The Cranberries, The Cure, Wham!, David Sylvian, Sade, Steve Winwood, Yes, Rammstein and many others.

The studio was unused for a decade, until it was renovated by Pitt and French producer Damien Quintard. It reopened in October of this year.

The renovated studio features restored classic gear, including the original SSL 4000 G+ fully restored , legendary gear like a fully original Fairchild 670, Urei 1176, RCA microphones, EMT 240, TR-808 and more. It pairs the vintage gear with a flagship Dolby Atmos Music system, and a hybrid desk that looks like something out of 70’s sci fi film.


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