Is The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Worth It?


In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz asks the question “Is the new Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field worth it?”

Eliraz compares the OP-1 Field to the original OP1, and to other portable options, like using a laptop or an MPC.

And, while he acknowledges that the OP-1 Field is expensive, he argues that “Nothing beats the form factor and portability of the OP-1. ”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the OP-1 Field in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:10 vs laptop
2:50 vs OG OP-1
4:00 Storage
7:00 Stereo
9:30 New in samples
11:30 New synth
12:30 New reverb
13:05 Screen & UX
16:00 Audio quality
20:50 Tape styles
26:00 Hold “sequencer”
26:45 Connectivity
28:55 Velocity “LFO”
29:35 Speakers
30:45 Misc
31:20 vs MPC/etc
31:55 No MIDI tracks
34:20 Only 4 tracks
34:30 Multitimbrality
35:20 Power v simplicity
36:30 Summary
37:30 My wishlist
40:25 Outro


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