Jean-Michel Jarre’s Classic ‘Oxygene 4’ Recreated With 19KB Of Javascript


While many have attempted over the years to recreate Jean-Michel Jarre‘s classic Oxygène 4 using classic and vintage gear, Dittytoy user srtuss is the first that we’re aware of to do it using mind-bullets, aka 19KB of Javascript code.

Dittytoy is an online platform that lets you create generative music online, using a simple Javascript API. So don’t expect easy-to-use audio nodes to connect with virtual wires or a graphical user interface that allows you to define patterns easily: everything is generated entirely with code.

srtuss‘s Oxygene 4 arrangement not only is a fairly faithful recreation of the original, but also features a built-in mixer. Check it out and share your thoughts on Javascript remixes in the comments!


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