Joranalogue Pivot 2 Analog Signal Router Now Available


Joranalogue has announced the availability of the Pivot 2 Analog Signal Router, originally introduced at Superbooth 2022.

Joranalogue’s Pivot 2 is a compact signal router, great for passing audio or CV through two different send and return loops, with both series and parallel capabilities. Simply pass your signal through the input to either or both of the sends, and return the affected signal to its respective receiving input.

The Pivot knob, lets you ‘pivot’ from the left send to the right send and anywhere in between. Fully counterclockwise, the first FX loop sends the signal through the following right FX loop for a series connection to the output, but the exact opposite can be said when the pivot knob is fully clockwise.

In the middle, you will produce a parallel process for warping and mangling your audio in two varied positions.

The complementary CV input and attenuverter offer hands-off control for blending and shaping of your signals, making Pivot 2 a useful choice for both complex and evolving processing as well as simple matters like basic routing and crossfading.


  • Analog signal router module
  • Mono input and output
  • Two pairs of send and return jacks
  • Complex Pivot control to blend between the two FX loops and their routing
  • Pivot CV input and attenuverter

Pivot 2 Demo Video:

Pricing and Availability:

The Joranalogue Pivot 2 is available now, from Perfect Circuit and other authorized dealers, with a street price of about $160 USD.


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