Knobula Pianophonic Is Like A Modular 8-Voice Piano (Sneak Preview)


Ahead of Superbooth 2023, being held in Berlin May 11-13, Knobula shared this sneak preview of Pianophonic, a multi-oscillator wavetable module for Eurorack systems.

Pianophonic is a 12 HP wavetable synthesizer that takes its inspiration from the hammer and string action of the piano. With its three wavetable oscillators and sample-based playback engine for each one of its eight voices, Pianophonic mimics the characteristics of the three-string piano sound, using a range of professionally sampled wavetables and hammer samples.

Users can access 16 banks of preset sounds with the included SD card. Because sounds can be stretched, morphed and reversed, or sent through the module’s on-board filter, envelope generator, compressor and reverb circuits, Pianophonic’s sound palette goes far beyond traditional piano sounds.

“I wanted to create a synth that borrowed its design from the four elements of a piano mechanism: three strings and one hammer,” says Knobula founder Jason Mayo. “Simply put, Pianophonic can make anything sound like a piano, and make a piano sound like anything.”

Pricing and Availability:

Pianophonic is expected to be available this September for £350 GBP (UK), $440 USD (US) and 400 EUR (EU).


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