Kurzweil K2061, K2088 Synthesizers Bring Back V.A.S.T. Synthesis Using Today’s Technology


Kurzweil has announced two new synths workstations, the K2061, with a 61-note keyboard, and the K2088, with an 88-note keyboard.

Both synths feature an updated version of the company’s Dynamic Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (V.A.S.T.).

They say, “We asked ourselves, what if we could rebuild the legendary K2000 V.A.S.T. synthesizer, but using today’s technology?”


  • 61- note synth action or 88-key fully-weighted hammer action w/ aftertouch
  • New industrial design with an aluminum+steel enclosure
  • Resculpted K2000 synth library
  • Compatible with K2 era libraries
  • 32 layers per program
  • Customizable algorithms
  • Flash sample playback, VA, FM and KB3 engines
  • 2 GB of factory sounds
  • 2 GB user sample memory
  • Versatile FX chains and master FX section
  • 256 voice polyphony
  • 480×272 color screen
  • 16-zone MIDI controller
  • Over 30 physical controllers per zone including an integrated ribbon
  • 16 Arpeggiators
  • 16 MIDI CC sequencers
  • 16 RIFF generators

Details on pricing and availability are still to come at the Kurzweil site.

via Jon Stubbs


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