Live Cinematic Synthwave Performance


Composer & synthesist Ethan James Startzman shared this live cinematic synthwave performance, featuring a Eurorack modular system, Moog Grandmother & ARP 2600.

Here’s what Startzman has to say about the performance:

“This is a live cinematic synthwave electronic music performance, inspired by later Tangerine Dream music. I wanted to setup a more meditative environment and create a slow musical progression by interweaving layers with the Eurorack, providing bass from the Moog Grandmother, chords from the DSI OB-6, and melody from the ARP-2600.

This is an entirely live and unrehearsed improvised performance, and I included annotations to show some of what I’m thinking about and also to demonstrate the different musical themes weaving in and out of the texture. Since I’m a film composer by trade, this came out relatively cinematic and would work in certain movie score settings.

This is a very simple setup to make a big sound. I hope this is educational for you as well, in terms of how I put these performances together. Hopefully this camera angle also helps you learn something!”

Patch Notes:


Instruo CS-L to optomix, to Echophon to Erbeverb. Morphagene to Monsoon. Stillson Hammer sequencing a pulse from the AJH Synth vintage core VCO, audio to Jove filter, filter modulated by fluctuating voltage from Sapèl

Moog Grandmother:

Normaled patch

Oscillator 2 is in low mode modulating the filter. Oscillator 1 is using the saw wave.


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